Artistic Landscaping announces a revolutionary lighting System Amoray Underwater LEDS

Amoray Underwater LED Lighting

At Artistic Landscaping we are excited to introduce a new and innovative product to our line of underwater lighting. The Amoray Underwater LED light has a long list of features that fit a variety of underwater lighting applications. First of all, the Amoray Lighting system is only 12 volts and 54 watts, making it among the most energy efficient lights available. Besides saving up to 86% on energy costs the 12 volt power feature also means that it is extremely safe for both homeowners and installers alike.

The part we are most excited about is the sheer brilliance of the light rays that come from Amoray Underwater LED. With many 12 volt systems there is some sacrifice in brightness. Not so with Amoray. It pumps out the equivalent luminescence of three 100 watt light bulbs with a beam pattern that creates a broad, vivid glow. Part of the reason why the glow is so spectacular is in the design of the lens. Special refracting light prisms direct and disperse the light in the water. This feature minimizes glare coming through the surface of the water while keeping the light rays more confined in the water.

The Amoray Underwater LED is also a full colour RGB light that comes complete with a remote control. Select any colour with the push of a button. The Amoray remote also has an extremely long range. In addition, one remote can control several lights to create an even more stunning effect. You don’t have to settle on one single colour either. If you like, you can select one of several light transitions ranging from a strobe-like multi-coloured party mode to a calming, smooth colour transition setting for a more subtle effect.

We were also impressed with the range of applications in which this light may be used. The main reason why Amoray Underwater LEDs are so versatile is because they are extremely durable made with not breakable plastics that are also complete corrosion free in fresh water, chlorinated water and salt water.

The following list of suitable applications is provided by the manufacturer Amoray Lighting:

• Chlorine Swimming Pools
• Salt Water Swimming Pools
• Marinas
• Docks
• Dams
• Public Aquariums
• Shorelines
• Streams
• Lakes
• Grottos
• Ponds
• Fountains
• Water Falls
• Fish Farms

Our swimming pool customers are always pleased to learn that there are significant cost savings on the installation of Amoray LEDs. These lights mount directly onto the surface of the pool wall because their unique flat-back design. Other pool lights require a cavity (niche) to be installed first in order to house the back of the light. Not so with Amoray. An easy to attach bracket is all that is required and for existing swimming pools with niches already installed, a niche adapter comes in the kit. It seems Amoray has thought of everything.

The life expectancy of the Amoray lights is twenty years and we wanted to do some testing of our own. We currently have several lights that have been operating under water 24 hours a day cycling through all of the colour modes. This test is ongoing and at this point these lights have put out the equivalent work of over 3 to 5 years of normal use with no failures of any kind.

Artistic Landscaping is extremely confident in the quality of the Amoray LED lighting system and we now recommend it to all of our customers with underwater lighting needs.

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