Composite Wood for Landscaping – a life proof solution

Multilevel Composite Wood Deck
Composite Materials:

Composite materials have similar characteristic to natural wood without the ongoing maintenance costs. As a result, it is now possible to design landscape structures with a lifetime perspective in mind. The rewards are three fold; aesthetic beauty, lower maintenance costs and lifelong durability.

Decks and other wooden landscape structures that required considerable maintenance and harsh chemicals to prevent decay are now being replaced by their composite counterparts.

The advent of composite materials for exterior structures like decks, gazebo floors, privacy screens, arbors and fences has virtually solved these recurring maintenance issues. The new more advanced composite decking, railing and fencing materials are now manufactured with a mixture of vinyl and recycled (non-organic) materials. This has eliminated previous issues with mold and mildew and is a more sustainable practice which amortizes the costs over the life time of the structure. New composite products have realistic colours and are embossed to look like real wood grain.

Types of Composite Wood
Grain and colour examples from TimberTech – notice the wood grain patterns and the trendy colors
Composite Wood for Decks:

Composite decks are built using pressure treated wooden supports or steal. Subfloors are also made from long lasting wood for structural integrity as composite materials do not have the same tensile strength as wood. The deck boards, fascia, deck railings and caps are constructed using composite wood to minimize maintenance.

Composite deck boards are lighter in weight with a more scratch resistant surface to minimize wear from moving chairs, outdoor furniture and other effects of everyday life. Now, more durable than ever, composite decking is considered to be the new, “life proof” solution for many outdoor landscape structures, including pergolas, benches, chairs and table to name a few.

Deck, Furniture & Fireplace made up of Composite material
Gorgeous example of composite material used in an outdoor construction for a deck, outdoor furniture and a fireplace. This will outlast traditional wood and is a sustainable, cost effective method for creating that perfect outdoor retreat.
Other Uses for Composite Wood:

Durability is not the only advantage composite provides; the vinyl content in composite deck boards allows shaping curves and unique designs. Composite boards are more pliable to allow for tighter radius curves. Artistic Landscaping Inc. is able to use specialized techniques on the composite wood to create natural shapes and soft flowing lines. This given us the ability to provide landscaping features and structures that are both functional and elegant.

When designing with composite, one can take a lifetime perspective; it becomes important to have a proper design using key aspects of form and function. It is important that these future considerations are carefully planned to achieve both a lasting aesthetic beauty as well as ongoing practical utility - A lifelong idea for outdoor design.

Composite materials increase the cost of a project, but when viewed as a lifelong idea, the advantages often outweigh the costs. Although composite may not be used in structural details, it provides maintenance free exterior and the subtle look of a clean elegance. With these improved materials and a flare for thinking “outside the box”, Artistic Landscaping Inc. has been able to push the envelope of design.


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Bosman Composite Material Furniture
Bosman Composite Material Furniture
Photos of furniture from Bosman Canada. Bosman is proud to have 100% recycled plastics in their finely crafted furniture
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