Care & Cleaning

Natural Stone Landscaping
Non-Mortared Flagstone:

Non-Mortared Flagstone refers to random or square set stones that are laid on a bed of stone dust & screenings. Stones may move slightly when first laid. Ensure that sand or stone dust completely fills the cracks between the stones. With rain and normal weathering over time, the stone dust compresses and becomes almost like concrete to secure each stone into the base material. If the stone dust settles out, refill by spreading screening material over the area and sweeping into cracks with a firm broom. Sealing can be done on the stones themselves, but will only provide a short term look on the material between the stones. After sealing is complete, consider using polymeric sand to fill in joints and cracks. Polymeric sand can help prevent weeds from rooting and will prevent insect infestation. Please view our recommended suppliers at the end of this section for further details about this product.

Mortared Flagstone:

Mortared Flagstone refers to random or square set natural stones that are laid on a bed of concrete & the set in mortar & then the cracks between the stones are also filled with mortar or concrete mix. Before sealing, check mortar attachment to stones - small cracks or crevices are normal. Mortar must set for at least 30 days prior to sealing. Apply an acid wash or you can use Techniseal’s Paver Prep to clean the surface of the stones. You may need to scrub some areas with a wire brush. Wash off and allow to dry completely. Apply acrylic sealer over the entire surface using a roller. Sealing reduces the amount of water absorbed into the mortar & reduces weathering.

Armor Stone:

Armor stone is blasted stone that maintains a cubical shape. No Care is required, although sealing does bring out deeper tones in the stone sealing also reduces the amount of water absorbed by the stone.

Waterfall Rock:

Waterfall Rock has many grooves & crushes that allow the water to flow over in flowing streams. Sealing improves the appearance of the stone by bringing out its natural beauty. It also offers protection against the elements, everyday use, or rough play. As with flagstone, waterfall rock can be swept or power washed. Sealer will bring out the swirls of colour in the surface of the rock and seals the ridges on the face. Sealing protects & darken color add & screen to the surface.

Ledge Rock:

Ledge Rock is layered stone that is mixed in a quarry. No care is required. Sealing will bring out deeper tones in the stone.


Granite is a very dense stone usually with red or orange & black fleck tones. Very minimal care is required (Sealing is only required for any grouting or mortar work). Granite also gets darker when sealed.

Almost all natural stones will appear darker when sealed. If the stone has any colour in it, sealing tends to make them more vivid to the eye. However, left natural the stone will require no care as time wears it and it continues to look more natural.

Recommended Supplies:
  • Sand
  • Polymer Stone Dust
  • Acrylic Sealer
  • Ellify Roller
  • Paver Stone Prep
  • Broom

Recommended Suppliers:
  • Techniseal Products – Visit our TechniSeal Product page for details on their entire product line. Artistic Landscaping Inc. is a certified Techniseal distributor and are professionally approved Techniseal contractors

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