Filtration improves the clarity and health of pond water. Healthy water promotes healthy aquatic plants and fish. Filters also protect the pump by removing sludge and debris from the water before it reaches the pump’s intake.

Types of Filters
Internal Filters

Hidden under water, internal filters are ideal for smaller ponds. They are generally less expensive than other types of filters, but they must be removed from the water in order to be maintained. Usually water goes into the filter and then into the pump.

External Filters

Easy access makes external filters ideal for maintenance. Some even have indicators on them to let you know when they require cleaning. External filters are generally capable of handling larger bodies of water. Water is generally pumped from the pump to the filter and recirculated.
For best results, use both types of filters in the same system.

UV Sterilizers

UV Sterilizers must be used in conjunction with any properly sized filter. Pond water passes through a beam of Ultraviolet Light (UV). The UV light kills unwanted biological organisms which are then extracted from the water by the filter. Like filters, UV sterilizers must be sized according to the volume of water in the pond.

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