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Driveways, Walkways Care, Cleaning & Sealing Tips

Sealing of paving stone is recommended to enhance the colours and help prevent staining from oil and rust. In addition, sealing hardens the sand into the crevices improving durability. We recommend waiting one year when installing before sealing is done to allow the stones to cure properly.


Trim grass and pull back overhanging tree branches and shrubs to allow proper access. Edge along sides of stone to ensure full exposure of the pavers.


A high pressure power washer can be used to clean the surface of the pavers and remove debris from between the cracks. Work in small section systematically to ensure that the entire area is cleaned thoroughly. Care must be taken to not blow or wash the sand from between the joints of the driveways or walkways stones. Sand will remain in the joints if a wide spray nozzle is used and the angle of the spray is kept from directly penetrating the joints. As with all cleaning jobs, a small area must be tried to test the result of the spray.

Products from Techniseal can help make this process easier. De-greasers and resurfacing products can restore you pavers to their natural colours and texture. You may consider “color boost” or “wet look” applications after your cleaning process. Enriching the color with either a matte or glossy finish.

To help keep your pavers from the aging effects of use and weathering, consider using a high-quality protective sealant. See our selection of recommended products for this purpose.


Allow the surface to dry completely and then sweep fresh sand or polymeric sand into the crevices by broadcasting it over the area with a shovel. Then sweep in a forward motion until cracks are completely filled. The use of polymeric sand will help prevent weeds and moss from growing in the joints of the pavers.


Follow the instructions on the container. Sealer can generally be applied with a roller directly onto the paved surface. Allow a generous amount of sealer to build-up like a wave in front of the roller. Do not roll back and forth as when painting. One liberal coat with an ample build-up of sealer in front of the roller at all times achieves the best results. This application technique prevents the roller from picking up the sweeping sand.


Efflorescence is caused by the chemical reaction in the materials used to manufacture paving stones. As the minerals gradually leach to the surface of the stone, it forms white stains that that will wear off as the stones naturally ages. These stains must be removed before the pavers can be sealed.

Efflorescence can be removed quickly and easily by using a paver prep or efflorescent cleaner. Be sure to follow the instructions on the container and allow the area to dry at least 24 to 48 hours before sealing.

Recommended Supplies:
  • Rubber Boots
  • Protective Eyewear
  • Power Washer
  • Kiln Dried Fine Masonry Sand OR Polymeric Sand
  • Water
Recommended Suppliers:
  • Techniseal Products – Visit our TechniSeal Product page for details on their entire product line. Artistic Landscaping Inc. is a certified Techniseal distributor and are professionally approved Techniseal contractors

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