Wood Care Tips


Decks constructed by Artistic Landscaping Inc. are specially designed so that no fasteners are visible to obscure the natural beauty of the wood’s surface. Care includes cleaning with a brightening solution to remove the products air quality. Wood products used to create decks include: Pressure Treated Wood, Cedar, Red Cedar, Sauna Grade Cedar, as well as hardwoods like Ipe and Tigerwood Decking.

Composite Deck:

Composite products are a combination of recycled materials such as plastics, vinyl and wood. Composite decking offers the beauty of wood without the drawbacks of potential corroding, splintering or termite damage. This low-maintenance decking alternative holds up to the temperature extremes of Canadian weather. This manmade wood alternative offers a variety of colours, shades, patterns, widths and lengths. Wood grain patterns are embossed or imprinted to make the product closely resemble wood products.


Enjoying the outdoors in the protect space of a well-built gazebo: can be a truly pleasurable experience. Shade from the mid-day sun and protection from evening pests make the gazebo the ideal garden sanctuary. Maintenance includes checking roofing materials, screening or glass. Check wood surface and door hinges for wear or weather damage.

Cedar Shakes:

If the roof of your gazebo has been fabricated with premium quality cedar shakes. It is best to let them weather naturally as they will gradually take on an attractive silver-grey colour.


Artistic Landscaping recommends using a specialized nylon screening to enclose gazebos. This product is extremely durable and will resist deterioration from UV and all weather exposure. Check for any signs of weathering or wear, also check attachment between wood frame and screening.

Wood Treatment:

With the exception of the cedar shakes on your gazebo, your woodwork can be resealed every one to three years, depending upon individual preference. Cleaning with a high pressure washer will help remove the grey wood oxidation and bring back its original colour. Using and applying high quality sealer to your deck will help preserve the wood and will the greying process.


Check all wood surfaces for wear and weathering. An oil-based treatment is recommended because it soaks into the wood as opposed to merely treating the surface.

Linseed oil is often applied to your wood surfaces, it is recommended for any future applications.

Sand and then power wash wood surfaces. Allow to dry completely and then apply stack, oil or sealer by brush, roller or spray.

Recommended Supplies:
  • Wood Cleaner
  • Stain Stripper
  • Wood Protector
  • Wood Preservative
  • Protective Eyewear
  • Power Washer
  • Power Sander (optional)
  • Paint Brush and Roller for applying protectant
Recommended Suppliers:
  • Techniseal Products – Visit our TechniSeal Product page for details on their entire product line. Artistic Landscaping Inc. is a certified Techniseal distributor and are professionally approved Techniseal contractors

Article by Juanita,

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